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Terms of Service.

Web site general operation

The business 'listings' on the directory are free. They are added to the web site by individuals presumed to be representing or acting on behalf of the various businesses that are mentioned in those listings.
Note that the ownership / management / administrator of does not create or generate the information contained within the individual business listings, and therefore cannot be and will not be held responsible for the accuracy / integrity / legitimacy / content of said information contained within said listings.

Performance guarantee does not offer any guarantee or warranty of any type regarding the performance of this web site, or the listings contained within. If this web site or any portion of it is "down", we are sorry, and we will do what we can to get it back online, but we make no promises. If you have created a listing on this web site, we Thank You; however we do not guarantee / warranty / promise that it will provide you, or your business, or your web site, any real or imagined benefit.

Conditions of Use

By using this web site, either as a visitor, or as a 'member' and contributor of business listing(s), you must agree to the following:
  • can at any time and for any reason delete a listing.
  • can for any reason OR no reason at all choose to NOT display a listing(s) that is submitted to this web site.
  • can never and will never be held liable for anything appearing on this web site, nor for the performance OR non-performance of anything appearing on this web site.
If you do not agree with the above, you are not welcome here, please leave now.
Go. Be gone.

Rules regarding "Listings"

Listings submitted to this web site, or appearing on this web site, must agree to and conform to the following rules:
  1. Business size.
    The directory of listings maintained by is intended for Small Businesses. At this point, we generally determine a small business to be one in which there are fewer than 100 employees at the advertised location. In the case of multiple locations, that there are fewer than 25 locations in total (globally).

  2. Listing content
    Listings should describe what your business has to offer a prospective customer. Content that is NOT permitted includes:
    1. Pornographic or 'adult' only content, or links that lead to this type of content. If your business web site includes pornographic or adult content, OR contains links to this content, you may NOT add a link to your web site.
    2. "Hate" literature.
    3. Any illegal, unethical, or immoral (or even questionable) activities.
    4. Content or links that lead to "Malware", "Adware", "Spyware", or anything else that has malicious intent.

  3. Listing style rules
    We want to appeal to a broad audience of users. These people are all potentially customers for your business, and we want them to form a positive opinion of your business. To that end, we have guidelines regarding the appearance or 'style' that is allowed with the listings.

    Listings should be written and submitted in as simple a manner as possible, using proper capitalisation, grammar and punctuation.
    Attempts to make your listing stand out by using "tricks" are strongly discouraged and could lead to your listing being removed.

    The following 'tricks' are NOT allowed.
    1. Excessive use of ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
      Restrict capitals to one word here or there, and of course to the first letter of a sentence.
    2. Excessive use of special characters like: ***** or WOW!!!!!!
      ONE exclamation mark is fine. Not two or three. One.
      Most 'special' characters are automatically rejected and stripped out of the content anyway, as they could pose a security risk on the web site.
    3. Lists of 'keywords'.
      We still see these occasionally on classified ads and on the bottom of a few poorly constructed web sites. They are unnecessary and look silly. If you really want all those words to be associated with your 'listing', then spend some time to revise the content of your listing so that your list of words is included. Keep it natural, or don't do it.
That's about it as far as the rules go.
Put into really really simple terms:
Rule #1: We hold all the power with this web site.
Rule #2: If you do something we don't like, you will be asked to leave.
Gee... aren't those the same rules you have with your business?
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