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AIM - America Online Instant Messenger.    
00250 added: Dec 10 2003
Excite email
Free web based email account, includes a personalized home page and chat with (free) membership to the excite community.    
00249 added: Dec 10 2003
Eudora mail
A downloadable email program, Eudora offers both a free and paid versions of it's software, with a number of different features.    
00248 added: Dec 10 2003
Offers both free and paid web based email accounts. Offers a number of security features & encryption tools as well as autoresponders and templates.    
00247 added: Dec 10 2003
Lycos email
Free web based email accounts, includes spam filtering.    
00246 added: Dec 10 2003
A downloadable email program to use as an alternative to Web based email. Has a number of different effects & features to add to your email experience.    
00245 added: Dec 10 2003
Mail.com Free email
Choose from among dozens domain names for your free web based email account - yourname@doctor.com or you@paris.com are examples of the domains available.    
00244 added: Dec 10 2003
Yahoo mail
Free web based email provided by yahoo.com. Has anti-spam and virus checking features.    
00243 added: Dec 10 2003
One of the most widely used Free web-based email providers. Provides anti-spam tool and virus checking of messages before they reach your home computer.    
00242 added: Dec 10 2003

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