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The business 'listings' or advertisements in our directory are free.

There is no cost to you; there is nothing to install on your computer, and you will NOT receive a bunch of spam email as a result of becoming a member business or adding your business listing.

It's quick, clean, and painless, but we DO ask you to quickly read through the information contained on this page.

The Process

On the following page, you will be asked to provide a "Username" and password in order to create your account.
  • Your Username should be an email address that you have ready access to, as you will need to receive and respond to an email message after creating your Member account.
  • Your Password should be something that cannot be easily guessed by other people. It must contain only letters or numbers, and must be between 6 and 12 (letters or numbers) long.
You will then be sent an email message, to which you must respond in order to confirm your member account. This is one way that we ensure that you are a real live person and not a nasty, annoying spam robot.

Once you have responded to the email message, you can "login" to your account, and from there, proceed to create your first Business listing.
Currently, we will allow you to advertise your business in up to five distinct categories - as long as your business clearly belongs in those categories.

We encourage and welcome you to place a "link" back to us on your own web site.
Kind words are also greatly appreciated!

Important - Please Note

Summary of Listing Guidelines:

  • All business listings are reviewed and approved by a real live human being. We can and will (and do) deny any listings that we deem to be unwanted for any reason at all. Most listings are reviewed and approved within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).
  • You can return at any time and edit/modify/change your listing.
    (Here's a hint: Note that the most recently modified listings show up at the top of the results. It pays to come back and keep your listings "fresh").
  • Very important: WE DO NOT LIKE THINGS WRITTEN IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Don't do it, it's just plain wrong, and we won't approve your listing. If by chance we do, we might transform the entire thing into lower case letters, and remove all punctuation, just out of spite. Yes, we are allowed to be spiteful, it's our website.
  • Also important: We also *****Do Not Like*****Things Like This*****With multiple asterisks*****
    Please simply be professional. Use real words, spelled correctly, proper punctuation, etc.
    One exclamation mark is sufficient.
    Why? Well, if you have to ask, then we probably won't see your listing go "live" here.
  • Not allowed:
    We do not allow web sites or businesses that sell, display, contain, engage in, promote or permit pornographic or 'adult content', or 'adult only' goods or services, or any illegal content including, but not limited to piracy, spam, malware, or 'hate' literature or organizations.
More about all of the above guidelines can be found in our Terms of Service page.

Ready to begin?

Great, now that you're familiar with all of the above, please continue to the next page, where you can create your account: Create my account.
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