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Revolution Pump Service

Sewage, effluent or storm pump needs - Commercial/Residential

Revolution Pump Service has over 15 years experience servicing, installing and repairing sewage, effluent and storm water and water feature pump systems in the Lower Mainland and surrounding areas. With our extensive history in emergency repairs, scheduled maintenance service inspections and new or replacement installations, rest assured your project will be completed in a timely and effective manner - the first time.

We are proud to offer 24-hour field service no matter what your location or problem. We also provide 24-hour phone support until someone is able to attend the required location.

Revolution Pump Services offers a broad range of services to help with the plumbing, sewage and general pump related needs for a variety of clients ranging through the Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, and Construction sectors. At Revolution Pump Services all our customers are treated equally and provided with the highest level of service. No matter the situation, problem or request, Revolution Pump Service will be pleased to accommodate your needs.

Website: http://www.revolutionpumpservice.com

Revolution Pump Service

Pitt Meadows BC     V3Y 1X9

Telephone: 604-808-6053

posted: May 14 2011  in Pitt Meadows BC Utilities companies

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www.bc-links.com > bc > Business > Utilities > Revolution pump service  (your current location)
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