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Basone Guitars

Custom Guitars & REPAIRS
We are Basone, a small Canadian custom guitar company specializing in high quality electrics and repairs. If you want an electric guitar that fits your standards, Basone is the place to go get it. We also offer all sorts of repair services for acoustic and electric guitars and ... see more...
Location: Vancouver
posted: Nov 21 2008


Engtops - Engelmann Tops

Tops for Guitars - Tonewood Supplier
Engtops, short for Engelmann tops, is a tonewood supplier in the heart of British Columbia. We offer the best tops for the best prices! Learn why people from all over the world are turning to Engelmann for it’s tight grain, white appearance, and quality ... see more...
Location: Revelstoke
posted: Apr 7 2007 > bc > Business > Musical instruments  

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