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Eliminate cardboard boxes forever

Moving is rated as one of life’s most stressful events. We all dread moving and part of the hassle is buying or finding boxes. Saynotocardboard was created by professional movers who have been in the Vancouver moving business for over a decade to fill a need for a convenient, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to using cardboard boxes for moving. Cardboard boxes are not an ideal solution for moving your home or office. They add unneeded hassle and expense to your move. If you buy them they are expensive and dumpster diving presents its own hazards!

Our purpose is to make your move as easy and affordable as possible while minimizing the impact on the environment. We provide eco-friendly reusable moving boxes and other moving supplies to Vancouver and the lower mainland.

Cardboard and paper waste make up an estimated 18% to 26% of landfill material. When you combine this with the negative impact of logging to produce the cardboard in the first place, the environmental impact of cardboard is significant. Doing something good for the environment doesn’t have to cost more or make things more difficult. Saynotocardboard makes moving Easier on You, saves you time as there are no boxes to build or dissasemble afterwards The main thing is our moving totes are easier on the Earth and Easier on your wallet.


996 powell street
Vancouver BC     v6a 1b8

Telephone: 604 779 3922

posted: Jul 6 2010  in Vancouver BC Moving & Storage services

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