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LifeMark Chinatown

Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Physiotherapy, RMTs, Vestibular Therapy

Conveniently located in Vancouverís Chinatown, our team of professionals collaboratively approaches your bodyís unique condition so that you can reach your full potential. Our physiotherapy treatments, massage therapy and chiropractic sessions work together with treatments such as holistic nutrition, naturopathy and acupuncture.

As leaders in multidisciplinary health, we understand and appreciate the value of a tailored approach to your physiotherapy treatments and the environment in which you receive them. Incorporating both Eastern and Western health practices in one health clinic allows us to provide the best service to restore your peak performance. We are devoted to attracting the best practitioners and dedicated to the long-term performance of our clients.

Our patient-centered approach puts you as the priority. As practitioners, we bring together our expertise while listening to you and your bodyís unique needs. Our purpose is simple, to help you reach your full potential.


LifeMark Chinatown
181 Keefer Place

Vancouver BC     V6B 6C1

Telephone: 604-681-6630

posted: Apr 4 2011  in Vancouver BC Health food shops & health supplies

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