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Equuis Wealth Management

Financial Planning Advisors in Vernon, BC Equuis Wealth Management

Equuis Wealth Management helps clients with their personal and business financial and wealth management needs anywhere in British Columbia and Alberta including estate planning, retirement planning, investment management, insurances, and more.

Managing wealth is not just about a return on your investments and financial abundance. When you have a sound financial plan and your money is working for you, you have the time and peace of mind for the things that are important to you - like family and friends, travel, personal development, community involvement and philanthropy. Helping our clients prosper and achieve their lifes goals is our passion.

At Equuis Wealth Management we have a sincere interest in educating and coaching our clients through the often difficult process of making the right financial decisions, and setting up a financial plan that grows with you. Over the course of a lifetime, you will face different financial issues, like starting a new business, building wealth, providing for your children and grandchildren, retiring, and wherever else your passions may take you. We will help you every step of the way.

Call Equuis Wealth Management at 250-260-1104 for a free consultation or visit their website at


Equuis Wealth Management
3301 Coldstream Avenue

Vernon BC     V1T 1Y1

Telephone: 250-260-1104

posted: Oct 16 2011  in Vernon BC Financial Services

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