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Imagination Machine Works

Engineering services

Utilizing 3D modeling, 3D printing, state of the art communications and world leading suppliers we are able to quickly design, prototype and build a custom solution for your organization.

The advent of three dimensional design software such as SolidWorks has enabled IMW to dramatically decrease the time and effort previously required to develop products to a useable form. Being able to model all components, including fasteners, cable and hydraulic/pneumatic tube and hose routing results in a functional design “right out of the box”. Many jobs do not even require prototyping as the designs can be completely tested during the design process. FEA (Finite Element Analysis) allows designs to be tested for loading or motion right inside the same software used to design the components.

We offer all levels of automation design, from jigs and fixtures used to speed up simple operations, right up to fully automated robotic
work centers. We also offer award winning product design
and product development services.


Imagination Machine Works

Kelowna BC    

Telephone: 250 764-0645

posted: Jan 12 2008  in Kelowna BC Farming & Industrial

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