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Destination Homes

Destination Homes

From our family to yours…

A reputation for exemplary craftsmanship and personal service has distinguished Destination Homes as the premier home builder in the Okanagan Valley. We execute the construction of quality new homes and renovations for a client base drawn largely from referrals and previous clients.

Destination Homes is committed to building homes for all lifestyles and continues to be an industry leader that provides each of our home buyers with outstanding customer service and superior custom built homes.

Destination Homes is a family run business and are accompanied by an extended close knit family of qualified craftsmen and tradesmen, many of which have been part of the Destination team for more than 20 years. Everyone in our large family is committed to having the same sophistication and high standards as our clients.

We are proud to provide homes built by our family for your family.

Building a Custom Home

Many of you at one time have contemplated building a custom home, a place that truly captures the way you live. Given that this is a desire of virtually everyone who has ever owned a home, it seems surprising how few actually do construct the “home of their dreams”.

You have all seen the Reality TV shows flashing images of dishonest and incompetent contractors, shoddy workmanship, and generally nightmarish homebuilding or renovation projects. There is no doubt that this happens, but at the same time it does a great injustice to all the knowledgeable and hard working people in the homebuilding industry who produce thousands of high quality homes each year. For some reason displaying the talents of these artisans appears to be less newsworthy.

Whether its because many people are intimidated by the thought of working with an Architect, Builder or an Interior Designer or simply feel overwhelmed by the perceived complexity of the process, only a relatively small number actually construct a home specifically planned for its inhabitants each year.

Destination Homes firmly believes that the ones that do build a custom home suited to their needs experience a greater sense of satisfaction and feel more settled than those who buy pre-built new homes or used homes.

Don Erdely of Destination Homes has been involved in the custom homebuilding industry in the Okanagan for over 25 years and his highly qualified staff and team of quality tradesmen work together to make a new custom home achievable for anyone with a keen interest in what will likely be one of the proudest accomplishments of a lifetime.

Destination Homes strives to prove that building a new home is among life’s most thrilling and rewarding journeys and it needn’t be anything but a positive and inspiring experience.


Destination Homes

Kelowna BC    


posted: May 3 2011  in Kelowna BC Construction companies

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