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Burnaby Blacktop Ltd

We are the best in the lower mainland

A greater Vancouver Paving Company, Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. will exceed your Asphalt Paving & Seal Coating commercial and residential needs.

We believe we are the #1 paving company on the west coast, providing 100% Quality work at a competitive price. (Owner in paving business since 1974) Burnaby Blacktop specializes in commercial rehabilitation (Shopping Centers, Strip malls, Warehouses) and Residential paving (Driveways & Walkways). We can handle all of your paving and asphalt seal coating needs. No matter what the size of your job or the limitations of your budget, we will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs. Our commitment is to our customers.

Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. is and independent enterprise. Every craftsman working on your project is a trusted in-house employee. Quality materials, workmanship and customer satisfaction are the standard on every project, large or small. With a phone call or fax to our office or with an electronic request on the web, you can arrange to have Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. come at your convenience to provide you with a free estimate with no obligations. Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. is committed to quality and guarantees all work.


Burnaby Blacktop Ltd
4713 byrne rd

Burnaby BC     V5J 3H6


posted: Jun 8 2011  in Burnaby BC Construction companies

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