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Consumers want to spend! is a directory of small businesses in British Columbia.
Visitors to this site are consumers searching for businesses. These people are searching because they have money to spend and are looking for a company with which to do business. They want to spend their money! Doesn't your business deserve to have it?

This in itself is reason enough to have your business listed here (for free) on

You have options!
Many businesses will take advantage of the free listing service on, which means that consumers will have many businesses to choose from.
If you want your business to stand out and be noticed among these many listings, we offer a few advertising options that will help to do just that.
  1. Enhanced listing options - add colours and images to your listing
  2. Priority placement - have your listing appear above the regular listings in your category or multiple categories.
  3. Banner & button advertising - placement available in several locations
  4. Email advertising - have your company mentioned in email messages that consumers request from this site.
For a more detailed explanation of these features, and to see a comparison of these options, please click here.

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