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About is an online directory of small businesses.

Each 'listing' or advertisement that you find in the directory was added to this web site by the business that is being advertised.

These businesses are for the most part "brick and mortar" businesses, operating from a building or office somewhere. Others are 'virtual businesses', whose only address is on the internet.

We're changing! was conceived, created and launched in 2003. In terms of the internet, that means we'll soon be a senior citizen! Until now, we've been a somewhat feeble old senior. But that's changing... has proven to be more popular than we had ever imagined when it was first constructed.

Originally, this was intended as a web site strictly for businesses in British Columbia, Canada. Over time, as it has become ever more popular, we have been receiving submissions from businesses across Canada, throughout the United States, Great Britain, and even India. Unfortunately, we had nowhere to display those submissions.
Our recent changes to the site mean that we will soon be able to open the site to businesses from a much wider geographic area. We expect that this web site will continue to grow in size, exposure, and visitor traffic.

As a visitor, this means that you will have access to a much more diverse range of businesses and services.

As a member business, with a free 'listing' on, this means that your business is exposed to what is potentially a much wider and expanding customer demographic.

It's a win-win for everybody.
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